About Sarah

I took up yoga in 1996 as relaxation therapy and found a new direction in my life.  Once I had established a daily home practice, I decided that I would like to pass on the benefits I had found to others.

I trained with the British Wheel of Yoga (BWY), starting with the one year Foundation course followed by a three year teachers’ diploma course based at the North London Buddhist Centre. I have now been teaching since 2003. I have also completed the BWY Meditation Module and I hold a certificate in Emergency First Air at Work (which is renewed every three years). Qualification with the BWY also requires continual professional development by attendance at In Service Training days throughout the year. I have also attended short intensive courses in Structural Yoga Therapy, Anatomy for Yoga and Sound Therapy.


The BWY course is comprehensive, covering all aspects of yoga. I have also worked with various different styles of practice including Viniyoga and the teachings of TKV Desikachar; Iyengar; Ashtanga; Jivamukti. My own practice has developed over the years to include aspects of these various styles.

My current practice is increasingly influenced by the writings of Vanda Scaravelli and the teachings of those who have worked with her.  The practice helps us to bring awareness to the release of tension resulting in space to breathe; connects us to the ground and allows openness and freedom in posture work. Another recent influence is the American system of YogAlign, which uses poses that support natural posture and encourages correct spinal alignment.

My Teaching

My asana (posture) practice is based around poses that will enhance natural movement safely and without force. I work with the breath throughout the class, linking movement with breathing and inner awareness. 

My classes span a range of abilities from beginners through to intermediate, I also work with senior citizens who enjoy chair-based classes:

Chair-based classes
In 2018 I completed a new British Wheel of Yoga course entitled ‘Gentle Years Yoga’ which caters specifically for the needs of older people with age-related conditions. My chair-based classes are tailored for seated postures, and holding the chair for support when standing. In these classes we explore various breathing and relaxation techniques and work with gentle movement to improve joint and muscle function, building strength and confidence.